Sir Henry Martin 1st Bart.

28th Aug 1733 - 1st Aug 1794


Third (second surviving) son of Samuel Martin the elder of Greencastle, Antigua and his second wife, Sarah, daughter of Edward Wyke, Lieutenant-Governor of Montserrat and widow of William Irish of Montserrat. Samuel Martin was speaker of the Antiguan assembly, 1753-63.

Henry Martin married Elizabeth Anne, daughter of Harding Parker of Passage West, Co. Cork, the widow of St. Leger Heyward Gillman of Gillmansville, Co. Cork. They had 4 daughters and 4 sons. Martin succeeded to the Greencastle plantation on the death of his half-brother, Samuel Martin, in 1788. He was created Baronet, 28 July 1791.

Educated at the Portsmouth naval academy, 1748 (and privately by Dr Pemberton, 1751), Martin entered the Royal Navy in 1751, becoming a lieutenant in 1755, then commander and captain in 1757. During the Seven Years War (1754-63) served in American and West Indian seas. Following the peace lived in Ireland, near Cork, on his farm. Moved to Bath in 1770. Dependent to a considerable degree on financial support of his father. Having inherited the Antiguan estate in 1788 he became, March 1790, comptroller of the navy and then MP in the general election of 1790. He contributed nothing as an MP.

When he died he left debts of £20,000+.


David R. Fisher in History of Parliament online.

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Eliza Anne Gillman nee Parker

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1788 [SY] - 1794 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

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West India interest 
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Southampton Hampshire
1790 - 1794

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Bishops town near Cork, Ireland