Samuel Horlock

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Owner of Potosi estate in St James. Died c. 1825. Given as 'Hurlock' post-1809. A 'Samuel Horlock junior' (q.v.) was identified in the 1780s as the owner of the Risby estate in St Thomas-in-the-Vale. The relationship between them has not yet been established. The two men are treated as separate in the correspondence of William Miles and John Tharp 1785-1786.

  1. A Samuel Horlock was imprisoned for debt in London apparently in 1791 and again in the early 1800s. Given that one of his creditors was Duncan Davidson (q.v.), a London West India merchant, it seems probable that this was one of the two Samuel Horlocks of Jamaica.


Kenneth Morgan (ed.) 'V. Calendar of Correspondence of William Miles a West India Merchant in Bristol and John Tharp, a Planter in Jamaica, 1770-1789', in Patrick McGrath (ed.) A Bristol Miscellany, (Bristol Record Society Vol. XXXVII, 1985), pp. 79-121, at pp. 109 and 116 (Samuel Horlock and Mr Horlock, both in connection with Potosi) and p. 115 (Samuel Horlock junior, in connection with a debt to Miles).

  1., London, England, King's Bench and Fleet Prison Discharge Books and Prisoner Lists 1734-1862 [Database online] shows an entry for 17/05/1791, when the three major creditors were John Parkinson exor. of Thomas Parkinson £5920 5s 1d; Rt Hon George Lord Kinnaird, William Morland and Thomas Hammersley £2301 5s 2d; and Duncan Davidson, surviving partner of George Chandler deceased £7393 7s. There are also entries with discharge dates of 1804 and 04/12/1806.

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1826 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Previous owner
1774 [EA] - 1825 [LA] → Owner

Apparently mortgaged through much of this period.

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Husband → Wife
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It is not clear whether Elizabeth Horlock's husband was Samuel Horlock of Potosi or Samuel Horlock...