Elizabeth Horlock (née Willliams)

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  1. Will of Elizabeth Horlock wife of [Samuel Horlock late of] Jamaica [but now residing in England Esquire] [made in 1822] proved 06/05/1829. In the will she recited a deed of 1794 under which she was empowered to leave property in Jamaica, including enslaved people, by her own will: accordingly, she left one half to John William Patterson, a Lieutenant in the 60th Regiment of Foot, and the other half to Elizabeth Horlock, the third daughter of Thomas William[s] Horlock of Jamaica. By the time probate was granted in 1829 she had survived her husband.


  1. PROB 11/1755/336. The probate notes that she survived her husband Samuel Horlock and died a widow.

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Maiden Name
Samuel Horlock

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Wife → Husband
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It is not clear whether Elizabeth Horlock's husband was Samuel Horlock of Potosi or Samuel Horlock...
Other relatives
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Elizabeth Horlock left half her estate to Elizabeth, the third daughter of Thomas William[s] Horlock, whose wife was Ann Horlock. The two women were clearly related probably as grandmother and...
Other relatives
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Probably father and daughter but possibly brother and sister. There is some lack of clarity over Thomas Williams father and son in the histories of Great...