John Asgill Gosling

???? - 1790


London and Barbados merchant, succeeding his father Richard Gosling (q.v.) as partner with Osgood Hanbury I.

  1. Administration of the will of John Asgill Gosling of [London merchant intending shortly to depart to the island of] Barbados [made in 1783 and attested in Barbados in 1790 when Gosling was described as deceased] was granted in London 28/11/1808 after the deaths of Susanna Gosling the widow and John Gosling the son to James Mapp Allen [sic]. The will begins with a recitation of an indenture of 10/10/1763 after his marriage to his present wife Susanna daughter of Thomas Mapp of Barbados under which Gosling pledged to trustees (Capel Hanbury and Osgood Hanbury) one-third of his personal estate and one-third of his real estate for the benefit of his wife on his death, and one-third for the benefit of any children. In the event he had two children surviving, John an ensign in HM's first regiment of Guards and Mary Wood, married to James Mapp Allen. In the will he identified his estate [singular] as 'Valley and Locust Hall.' The trustees were instructed to value Valley and Locust Hall and pay 1/3rd to his wife, with the estate itself passing to his children.


  1. PROB 11/1488/201

Further Information

(2?) Susanna Mapp
Merchant and plantation owner

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1776 [EA] - 1796 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

The specific mortgage has not been traced: commentary in Hughes-Queree suggest that Hanbury and Gosling were mortgagees from 1776.

1784 [EA] - 1784 [LA] → Owner
1771 [EA] - 1771 [LA] → Joint owner
- 1790 [EY] → Owner

John Asgill Gosling left a plantation [singular] called Valley and Locust Hall in his will, attested in Barbados in 1790 and of which administration was granted in London in 1808 to James Mapp Allen.

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Hanbury and Gosling
West India merchant - Barbados  

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In 1778 Osgood Hanbury and John Asgill Gosling took on the administration of the will of Francis Blower as attorneys of Blower's daughter Ann Falkingham, Richard Gosling (who was granted...
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