Samuel Douglas

???? - 9th Jan 1799


Owner of Windsor Castle estate in St Mary, Jamaica.

  1. "Academy, Newton Douglas. On the 14th of June [1803], the foundation of an academy was laid at Newton Douglas, by Sir William Douglas of Douglas Castle, Bart. and the other executors of the deceased Samuel Douglas, Esq. of Windsor Castle, St. Mary, Jamaica, as ordered by his will: to the establishment and maintenance of which charitable insititution, he has left the greatest part of his estate, both real and personal." The legacy was reportedly £17,000.

  2. The son of Nathaniel Douglas and Margaret Heron. A merchant in Savannah, Georgia, he died in Charleston, North Carolina, 09/01/1799.


Jamaica Almanacs (1811, 1812).

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Legacies Summary

Cultural (1)

Samuel Douglas Free School / Douglas Ewart High School...... 
notes →
Under his will proved in 1799 Samuel Douglas left £17,000 to build a school at Newton Stewart, which was built 1832-34 and closed in 1922.The building is extant. ...

Physical (1)

Samuel Douglas Free School [Built] 
description →
Samuel Douglas left a reported £17,000 to build and endow the Free School at Newton Stewart. The school is now the Douglas Ewart High School, althrough the original building is an antique shop and...
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See <a...