James Ochterlony or Ouchterlony

1768 - 1820


Owner of Cocoa Walk and Ulitmatum estate in St David, Jamaica. Died in 1820 or 1821.

  1. Online sources identify this as James Renny Ouchterlony, son of Robert Ouchterlony and his wife Ann Renny, baptised in Montrose 26/01/1768. Brother of Robert Ouchterlony (q.v.). Married to Bridget Alithea Peat, daughter of William Peat of Jamaica. Father of Eliza Jane (who died young), Mary Hope and Louisa Bridget. Mary Hope married Charles Bloxham in 1816 and Louisa Bridget married John Twiss. The same sources give Bridget Alithea Peat's sister as Elizabeth Ann Peat, married to John Ross of Mulatto River (q.v.). Ouchterlony bequeathed 20 guineas "for trinkets" to Eliza Ann. Details from James Ochterlony's will appear online but no will has been seen by LBS. The will also mentions an illegitimate daughter, Susan Delpratt, who was sent to England under the guardianship of James's exectuor William Lynwood. He died in 1820.

  2. James Ouchterlony, son of Robert Ouchterlony and his wife Ann Renny, baptised in Montrose, 26/01/1768. Charles Bloxham, Esq. of Amesbury, Wilts married Mary Hope, daughter of James Ouchterlony, Esq. of Jamaica, and of Vicar's Hill, Hants. Louisa Bridget Twiss, wife of John Twiss, appears in the 1861 census at Brompton Barracks in Kent (John Twiss was in the Royal Engineers) with her birth c. 1798 in Jamaica.

  3. Possibly another daughter: Caroline Ann, daughter of James Ouchterlony and his wife Bridget Maria [sic?] baptised in Westminster, 10/01/1800.

  4. Mrs Ouchterlony, relict of the late James Ouchterlongy, Esquire of St David died in Jamaica in December 1825.


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Further Information

Bridget Alithea Peat
Eliza Jane, Mary Hope, Louisa Bridget

Precis from details sent by Lyndall Keller 15/02/2019.

James Ouchterlony of St David, planter.

My body to be buried at Cocoa Walk under the fustic tree to the south-east of the house and a stone with a plain inscription to be put over the grave which is to be enclosed with a parapeat wall and iron railing.

To my father Robert Ouchterlony of Scotland, 10 guineas to buy mournings and an annuity of £50 sterling per annum for life.

To my brother Robert Ouchterlony of Jamaica, 500 guineas, all my horses, chaise and sadlery, my gold watch, chaise and seals and other trinkets together with my wearing apparel.

And whereas a certain female sambo slave named Juliana Delpratt has been a very faithful and deserving servant ever since I purchased my present properties and was very attentive in making herself useful to her mistress when in this country, my executors to manumit the said two slaves named James and Julianna and that they shall be at perfect liberty to do as they think proper until their manumissions are regularly executed.

To my sister Mary, wife of James Walker Esquire of Montrose, Scotland, 20 guineas for trinkets as an affectionate remembrance. The same to Eliza Ann, wife of John Ross Esquire of Mulatto River Estate in Manchioneal.

To the treasurer of the Episol Chapel in Montrose, £50 guineas toward its support and a further 25 guineas to the treasure of the lunatic hospital in Montrose.

My executors to be my wife Bridget Alithea Ouchterlony, Alexander Henry of Finsbury Square, London, merchant. They to be joint guardians of my two children. My brother Robert Auchterlony and friend James Brydon of Kingston and John Smith of St David Esquires also to be executors.

Signed 05/08/1813.

Codicil dated 24/04/1819. To a female child of colour Susan Delpratt, late of Jamaica but now of England, under the protection of William Linwood of Milliter Square, London, £1000 sterling. The interest to be applied to her maintenance and education until age 21 or marriage, when she shall receive the whole sum. William Linwood to be her guardian. This to be revoked for the benefit of my residuary legatees should she return to Jamaica without the consent of her guardian. To Juliana Delpratt, manumised by my said will, £15 Jamaican currency per annum for life.

Proved 04/12/1820.

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