Archibald Campbell of Minard and Knockbuy

???? - 1798


Owner of Minard estate in St Ann, Jamaica. Moved to Jamaica in 1757. Inherited the 'heavily indebted' estate of Knockbuy in Argyll, Scotland, from his father Archibald in 1790. Appears to have divided his time between Jamaica and Scotland but resided mostly in Jamaica. Buried at Minard 09/07/1798. It is not clear whether the instructions in his will to establish a coffee estate on his pen called Knockbuy (previously Dry Harbour Pen) with 50 enslaved people were carried out.


See estate evolutions for Minard. The will of Archibald Campbell with notes:

Further Information

Ann Brown
John, Colin, Mary Moffat, James Blagrove, Henry Riddall, Robert Rutherford, Henry Dugald, Elizabeth

An abstract of the will of Archibald Campbell of Minard at

Archibald Campbell of Minard in St Ann, Jamaica.

All my estate real and personal except Knockbuy in Scotland to trustees (wife Ann Campbell, brother-in-law John Campbell of Orange Bay, friend John Blagrove, sons John Campbell, James Blagrove Campbell, Robert Rutherford Campbell and Henry Dugald Campbell). They to establish at my pen called Knockbuy in St Ann, Jamaica, at least 50 acres of coffee. As soon as my pen called Minard is in good and sufficient order, trustees to sell all my real and personal estate, stock and slaves in Jamaica.

To my wife Ann Campbell an annuity of £500 Jamaican currency, chargeable on my estate in Jamaica until it is sold, and a sufficient sum be invested in good landed security in Scotland. This in bar of dower.

Out of the sale of my estates to apply £1,400 Jamaican currency in the purchase of new Negro female slaves to be marked or branded on the shoulder AC for the use of my daughter Ann Campbell, the wife of John Campbell of Spotfield during her natural life and to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten.

£70 sterling for the maintenance and education of my son Henry Riddall Campbell to age 20 years.

To my sons Archibald Campbell and Colin Campbell £500 sterling each nut it is my wish that neither of my said sons shall have anything to do with the management of my properties.

To my daughter Mary Moffat Campbell £1,000 sterling.

To my son James Blagrove Campbell £2,000 sterling.

To my son Henry Riddall Campbell £300 sterling at age 21 years for the issue of Maria, sold from Minard given unto him by my worthy friend John Robert James.

The net proceeds of my properties in Jamaica to be equally divided among my children Robert Rutherford Campbell, Mary Moffat Campbell, James Blagrove Campbell, Henry Dugald Campbell and Henry Riddall Campbell.

All my estate called Knockbuy in Scotland and all my other lands and estate in Argyllshire to my son John Campbell.

My land at Dry Harbour formerly called Dry Harbour Pen but now Knockbuy to be settled in coffee. 35 Negroes now at Minard to be moved to Knockbuy until my trustees may be enabled to purchase a sufficient number of Negroes out of the rents and profits thereof.. which said 35 slaves are to attend and work at Minard as occasions may require.

It is also my wish that my son James Blagrove Campbell should reside at Minard with my wife if he prefers a residence there and keep the accounts of the Pen and be allowed an annual lump sum for his extraordinary trouble...of £100 Sterling and it is my particular wish that all receipts payments and disbursements shall be made and secured by or pass through the hands of my wife and that her account shall be annually made up and settle[d] with my creditors.

The slave named Bess to my wife for the term of her natural life. My wife to be allowed to reside at Minard or Knockbuy as she shall from time to time choose until my estate in this island can be sold and disposed of.

Whereas my son John Campbell hath particularly desired that the proportions he might have expected of my Jamaican properties should be disposed of amongst my children as I should appoint the remainder, and inasmuch as he has lately received a considerable increase of fortune,[12] I hereby devise the rest and residue of my estate unto my five children named Robert Rutherford Campbell, James Blagrove Campbell, Mary Moffat Campbell Henry Dugald Campbell and Henry Riddall Campbell to be equally divided between them as tenants in common and the several respective heirs of their bodies lawfully begotten forever but it is my wish that the share of my son Henry Riddall Campbell shall be invested at interest on good and sufficient landed security in Scotland until he shall have attained the age of twenty one [in case of death to the survivors] I hereby appoint my wife Ann Campbell during such time as she shall continue a widow, John Campbell of Orange Bay, John Blagrove, Robert Rutherford Campbell, James Blagrove Campbell and Henry Dugald Campbell executrix and executors of this my last will and guardians of the person and estate of Henry Riddall Campbell.

Signed 27/04/1798.

Codicil dated 27/04/1798. My son John Campbell having desired not to have any share in my Jamaica properties I accordingly have increased my wife's annuity from £500 Currency to £400 Sterling

And inasmuch as I had intended one seventh part of the residue of my Jamaican estate for my son John Campbell, which by the increase of my wife's annuity which may be calculated to be reduced to one seventh, I therefore bequeath one seventh part of the residue of my estate in Jamaica amongst my seven children named Archibald, Colin, Mary Moffat, Robert, James Blagrove, Henry Dugald and Henry Riddall and their respective heirs lawfully begotten...

Codicil dated 21/05/1798. £100 sterling per annum to my son James Blagrove Campbell as long as he shall keep the accounts of Minard Pen and shall direct the overseers in the management of the grass and pastures. £100 to each of my sisters Barbara Hamilton and Susan Campbell, both of Edinburgh, for mourning.

Proved in Jamaica 11/04/1799.

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John Campbell of Spotfield was married to Archibald Campbell's daughter Ann. In his will, Archibald Campbell provided: 'And I direct my trustees...out of the monies that arise from the sale of my...
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