Henry Thornton

???? - 1772


Early purchaser of land in Dominica, buying 230 acres as St Andrew Lot no. 44, 192 acres as St David Lot no.17, 41 acres (with 'John Woodwill') as St John no. 26, with S. Solly Wentworth (as H. Thornton) 237 and 265 acres as St Joseph Lots nos. 60 and 69, and possibly further land with 'Durham, Ferguson and Thornton' as Lot no. 13 in St Mark.

  1. Will of Henry Thornton of Dominica proved 04/01/1773. In the will he instructed that his 'considerable' real estate in Dominica be sold to clear the encumbrances on his several houses and garden at Bishops Hill the younger in the City of York, with the overplus from the sale to be paid to his mother Elizabeth Webster and Beatrix Terry daughter of John Terry jeweller in Stonegate in York. He willed the real estate in York to his mother Elizabeth Webster for life, then to her husband Christopher Webster, then to Mrs Barbara Lawson widow of Richard Lawson Alderman of York and then to Marmaduke Lawson.


John Byres, References to a plan of the island of Dominica as surveyed from the year 1765 and 1773 (London, 1777)

  1. PROB 11/984/40.

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Business associates
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Business associates
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Bishop Hill the younger, York, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England
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Henry Thornton of Dominica left land at Bishop Hill the younger in York under his will proved in 1772.