Garrett Burton

???? - 1772


Early purchaser of land in Dominica, shown as the original purchaser of St Andrew Lot no. 55 (250 acres) in his own name and with John Woodwill [sic] St Andrew Lot no.62 (300 acres).

  1. Will of Garrett Burton of island of Dominica proved 09/03/1772. Under the will he ordered his real estate to be sold and after limited monetary legacies the residue passed to three co-heirs in Dublin: James Finlay, Jane McEvoy and a third co-heir (to whom he also left a picture of him in miniature) whose surname is illegible, possibly Mary Perno [?].


John Byres, References to a plan of the island of Dominica as surveyed from the year 1765 and 1773 (London, 1777).

  1. PROB 11/975/324.

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