Edward Fitzgerald

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  1. Owner of Kildare estate in St George, Jamaica. Deceased by 1797 when his second son Thomas was admitted to Lincoln's Inn. Married to the widow Anna Williams widow in St Catherine, Jamaica, by licence 06/04/1772. Anna Williams died at Green Street, London, "at a very advanced age, after a long illness", 05/09/1828.

  2. Kildare was owned (presumably inherited) by his son Edward Dalling Fitzgerald from at least 1806. His widow was involved in the Chancery case Fitzgerald v. Stewart, claiming that in 1814 she was entitled to an annuity of £325 per annum payable out of Kildare estate and also to the sum of £17,600 Jamaican currency, with interest at 6 per cent, upon the property. Kildare went into receivership in 1814 and Fitzgerald's annuity was paid until 01/01/1825 when Stewart and Westmoreland, the London agents, ceased to pay.

  3. "[C]ommissioned in the 36th Regiment of Foot between 1760 and 1774 attaining the rank of Lieutenant. The regiment was in Jamaica between 1760 and 1773 and it looks like he was sent out there in about 1767. When the regiment returned to England in 1773, he was left behind because of illness and eventually sold his commission in 1774. While still a serving officer he married the widowed, Anna Williams (nee McNeal or McNeill or McNeil) in 1772. He died sometime between 1778 and 1797. His widow eventually returned to England and died in the house of her son, Thomas, in Green Street, London in 1828."


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Anna Williams nee McNeil
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