William Barnett III of Arcadia

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Slave-owner in Jamaica, owner of Arcadia in Trelawny, which was indebted and intertwined with the Hankey banking family of London as mortgagees for 50 years. To date no death-date or will has been found for him: he was still alive when administration of his wife Elizabeth nee Markham's will was granted in 1821.

  1. William Barnett of Arcadia married Miss Markham daughter of the Archbishop of York, in London in 1796.

  2. Attended Westminster School: "BARNETT, WILLIAM, son of William Barnett, Arcadia Plantation, Trelawny, Jamaica, member of Council for Jamaica, by ---, dau. of --- Wooling, Jamaica; b.; adm. 16 Jun 1777; left 1782; a West Indies planter; later resident at Missenden Abbey, Bucks.; m. 1st, ---; m. 2nd, 13 Apr 1796 Elizabeth Katherine, second dau. of William Markham (adm. 1733, qv)."


Online genealogical sources suggest William Barnett of Arcadia died 17/04/1832. However, the will of William Barnett of 2 Mindeva Terrace Brixton (who was buried 24/04/1832) proved 11/05/1832 appears unconnected, referring only to a daughter, Sarah Blake, who does not appear in family trees for William Barnett of Arcadia.

  1. Columbia Magazine 1796.

  2. The Record of Old Westminsters (1928), with improvements © Hugh Edmund Pagan MA FSA, available via the online catalogue for Westminster School's Archive & Collections, http://collections.westminster.org.uk/index.php/barnett-william-fl-1782 [accessed 05/01/2020].

We are grateful to Hugh Pagan, Bethany Duck and Elizabeth Wells for their assistance with compiling this entry.

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Elizabeth Markham
Westminster School [1777-1782 ]

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1793 [EA] - 1793 [LA] → Joint owner
1795 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Owner

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Little Missenden Abbey, Missenden, Buckinghamshire, Central England, England