Sir Arthur Brooke Faulkner

1779 - 1845


With his wife Ann Faulkner nee M'Leod, Sir Arthur Brooke Faulkner pursued unsuccessfully in Chancery in 1840 the payment of £4000 secured on Colbeck's estate in Jamaica that had been left to his wife by her sister, Lady Jannet Grant (q.v.) in 1836. He has an entry in the ODNB as 'physician and author' that says of his wife's family simply 'In 1810 he married Anne, daughter of Mr Donald McLeod or M'Leod of Lewes, Sussex [sic]': in fact, clan M'Leod is associated with the isle of Lewis and this branch with slave-ownership in Jamaica.

  1. Will of Sir Arthur Brooke Faulkner of [Evington in the parish of] Leigh Gloucestershire proved 08/07/1845. The will is simple, leaving his wife Anne all his property other than £500 to the family of his deceased brother Hugh Faulkner.


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