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Eleanor Anderson, a "free woman of colour" had two children with George Knowles Eccles, Henry Eccles (baptism not found) and Jessemina or Jesse Eccles (baptised as a "quadroon child" at Vauxhall in St Thomas-in-the-Vale, 31/07/1817). The children were bequeathed £50 each in the will of their grandmother Mary Eccles nee Rennalls who died 01/11/1820.

Eleanor Anderson owned one enslaved person, Charlotta Anderson, "Negro", age 22, African, in St Thomas-in-the-Wale in 1817. Charlotta or Charlotte has a son Edward born around September 1817 and a daughter, Anne, born around December 1819. Both were listed as enslaved by Eleanor Anderson in St Thomas-in-the-Vale in 1820. Charlotta or Charlotte had a son Robert Sinclair born around July 1822 (registered by Eleanor Anderson in 1823). Another daughter, Bella, was born around January 1823. The enslaved people were registered by Mary Rennalls Douglas as lessee of Eleanor Anderson in 1826.

Robert Sinclair, age 7, Charlotte Anderson, [no age given] and Bella age 3 years 6 months were registered by Jessy Eccles as owner in 1829. Edward, age 11, George age 1 3/4 and Ann age 9 years 7 months were registered by Henry Eccles as owner in St Catherine in 1829.


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[illeg., with George Knowles Eccles] Jessamina Eccles, Henry Eccles

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