John Stevenson Delap formerly Stevenson

1759 - 9th Jun 1783


Nephew and legatee under the will of Francis Delap (q.v.). Although his estate consisted largely of financial assets in Jamaica, it is not clear whether John Stevenson Delap ever became a slave-owner as his uncle's will envisaged.

  1. Will of John Stevenson Delap of Letterkenny proved 13/09/1783. Under the will he left the £5000 bequeathed to him by his uncle Francis Delap and payable in 1783 from the estates of his cousin Robert Delap to his mother Elizabeth Stevenson, together with bills of exchange 'drawn in my favour' by Nathaniel Phillips of Jamaica for £3200.

  2. Inscribed wall tablet in St Bride, Fleet Street, London:

In The Vault Beneath This Marble/ Lies Interred The Body of/ JOHN STEVENSON DELAP, Esquire/ A Native/ of the Kingdom of Ireland/ Who Departed this Life June 9th 1783/ Aged 24 Years/ to Whose Memory/ as an Only and most Dutifull Son/ an Affectionate Mother/ Caused this Monument to be Erected.


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Nephew → Uncle
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