William Hamilton Vincent

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Nephew and asserted heir-at-law of George Robinson Hamilton (q.v.), in which capacity he briefly took possession of Hamilton's estates in Jamaica after the latter's death in 1797. Vincent himself must have died shortly thereafter: his executors pursued an appeal to the Privy Council in 1801 arising from the transmission of George Robinson Hamilton's estates, which he had left for life to Lady Mary Walker. Nothing further has been traced of him to date.


Privy Council Papers, Reference: 1792_132 Date: 1801-2-3 Location: West Indies Jamaica Appellant: James Innes, Alexander Longlands Executors of the will of William Hamilton Vincent Efquire Deceafed George James Innes Ann Clare Innes Richard Heath Eliza Vincent Devifees named in the faid will of the faid William Hamilton Vincent; Respondent: The Right Honourable Lady Mary Walker John Carstairs James Dobie, http://humanities-research.exeter.ac.uk/privycouncilpapers/public/paper/view/id/132/order/ref/direction/ASC

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1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Heir-at-law

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