George Robinson Hamilton

???? - 1797


Cousin of Alexander Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton. Owner of Success estate (which appears to have been mortgaged to William Miles 1787-1797) in St James Jamaica and for a period of George's Valley in Trelawny. Formed a long-term extra-marital relationship with Lady Mary Walker or Hamilton (q.v.). Died 1797 leaving his estates in trust to Lady Mary for her lifetime and thereafter to his lawful heirs. He was mortgagee-in-possession between at least 1775 and 1794 of an estate given as Rio Bueno in St Ann (given as 'St Ann and Trelawny' in 1787-1788) which has not yet been traced further.


See entry for Lady Mary Walker.

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PROB 11/1298/184 - precis.

George Robinson Hamilton of the parish of St James, Jamaica, but now residing at the village of Los near the City of Lisle in French Flanders.

All my estate real and personal to the Right Honorable Mary Walker commonly called Lady Mary Walker at present residing in Los. To hold the same to her own sole and separate use during her natural life with full liberty to bequeath at her death £10,000 sterling to any persons she shall think proper. But it is my express will that the estates so bequeathed should remain in the hands of and in trust to the Right Honorable James, Earl of Hopetoun of Hopetoun House near Edinburgh, the Right Honorable Alexander Leslie commonly called Low Balgonie (her nephew) and the Honorable General Alexander Leslie of Edinburgh (her brother) for the sole benefit of Lady Mary Walker and without any claim by James Walker her husband.

After her death, all my estates (except the aforementioned £10,000) shall devolve to my heir at law and his, her or their heirs for ever.

Lady Mary Walker to be executrix but in case of any interference, molestation or interruption from the said James Walker then and in that case James Earl of Hopeton, Alexander Leslie commonly called Low Balgonie and General Alexander Leslie to be executors.

Signed 20/11/1786.

Proved in London 21/11/1797 by Lady Mary Walker.

Associated Estates (5)

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1766 [EA] - 1779 [LA] → Owner
1775 [EA] - 1794 [LA] → Mortgagee-in-Possession

George Robinson Hamilton's involvement in the estate was variously described: 'in possession', 'the property of', but over the period he appears to have been mortgagee-in-possession.

1770 [EA] - 1770 [LA] → Owner

'A minor'

1766 [EA] - 1797 [EY] → Owner

'A minor' 1766-1771

1798 [EA] - 1833 [LA] → Previous owner

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Father → Natural Daughter
Uncle → Nephew
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Possibly father and son. The two men were owners in succession of the Success and George's Valley...
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Lille, France