Colin Campbell of Glasgow and Rotterdam

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Merchant, partner in Campbell Dent (q.v.). He was lent £63,500 by the Bank of England in 1831 as en emergency advance, with guarantees from group of City merchants, largely East india men but including Allan MacDonald (q.v.).

  1. Colin Campbell of the Lynn was identified as a 'Dutch merchant' and the brother of Alexander Campbell of Hallyards by Smith & Mitchell.

  2. In 1820, Messrs Colin Campbell & Co. of Glasgow were shown as the mortgagees of Plantation Kent in Surinam and the enslaved people on it, owned by Samuel Ricketts [q.v.] and Jas. Hewett [elsewhere given as John Hewitt] under an indenture of 04/08/1820. In 1821 they also held mortgages over 30 enslaved people belonging to Nicholas Herbert (q.v.) and over the 100 enslaved people on William Christie's Plantation Hope in Nickerie, both in Surinam.


G. Roger Knight, Trade and Empire in Early 19th Century Southeast Asia (2015), p. 34.

  1. Smith & Mitchell, 'Old country houses of the old Glasgow gentry', LXXXIII Possil.

  2. Nationaal Archief, The Hague: Suriname: Oud Notarieel Archief » Inventaris nr. 905, Scan: 234; ibid., Suriname: Oud Notarieel Archief » Inventaris nr. 905, Scan: 71

We are grateful to Ank de Vogel-Muntslag for the references to the mortgages over the estates in the Dutch Nationaal Archief.

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East India and West India merchant

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£8,899 17s 11d
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£7,929 7s 11d
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£5,918 7s 4d
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Colin Campbell & Co.
West India & East India merchant  

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Inferred by LBS based on: (1) the identification of Alexander Campbell of Hallyards as the brother of James Campbell of Hallyards [Andrew Scott, 'Four Leading Articles', in Transactions of the...
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Genealogical material online on Alexander Macgillonie Cameron suggests John Pigott Wilson was also a partner of Colin Campbell in Campbell, Dent. To date LBS has not verified...