Frances Butler the elder (née Sanders)

???? - 1778


  1. Will of Frances Butler widow of Greenwich Kent [made 1776] proved 06/10/1778. Under the will she left to her son John and daughters Mary and Frances all her estates in Nevis 'and all the negroes, slaves, cattle mills, utensils live and dead stock and all other things [sic] whatever thereon belonging.'

  2. Frances Sanders and her husband John Butler merchant of London were parties to an indenture of 31/01/1746 under which they placed one moiety of 200 acres of land known as Lawford Coles in St Thomas (which had belonged to Francis Sanders, deceased), 50 acres in St Thomas and 100 acres of Lower Ground near Round Hill St George or Gingerland on Nevis in trust, for John Butler for life, then for Frances and then to their children as tenants-in-common. In 1785 Mary and Judith [sic] Butler conveyed land in St George Nevis and four 'negroes' to Robert Pemberton in return for an annuity of £210 p.a.


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Further Information

Maiden Name
John Butler
John; Mary; Frances

Relationships (2)

Mother → Daughter
Widow → Deceased Husband

Addresses (1)

Greenwich, Kent, London, England