John Butler merchant of London

???? - 1754


London merchant, whose Nevis estates came to him through marriage to Frances Sanders. Vere Langford Oliver identified property in Nevis forming part of the marriage settlement of John Butler and Frances Sanders as one moiety of Lawford Coles in St Thomas; one moiety of 50 acres in St George; and one moiety of Lower Ground near Round Hill in St George.

  1. Will of John Butler merchant of Little Knightrider Street London [made in 1753] proved 05/12/1754. He left his unnamed estate on Nevis in trust for his wife Frances until death or remarriage and then for his [unnamed] children in shares, with his sons having the right to buy out the shares of the daughters. By a deed of 26/12/1772 Frances Butler his widow and Frances Butler, John Butler and Mary Butler his children (then of Greenwich), through the surviving trustee of John Butler's will the Rev. Duke Butler, sold to George Webbe the younger a plantation of 44 acres in St George on Nevis, and a further 43 acres 'situate in Batchelor Hall' in St George, for £2600.


Caribbeana Vol. II p. 63.

  1. PROB 11/812/197; Common Records 1773-1775, British Library, EAP794/1/1/14, pp. 1-12.

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