William Livingston

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Slave-owner on Antigua and early purchaser of land in Dominica. Vere Langford Oliver identified his estates on Antigua as one in Bermudian Valley of 450 acres, Sandy Valley of 35 acres and Crabbs or Courages in St Mary's of 110 acres, all purchased with 241 enslaved people (84 men, 92 women, 24 boys, 41 girls 'and stock) in 1763 from Andrew Lessly for £24,000.

  1. Will of William Livingston of Antigua [made in 1772] proved 08/08/1775. He left his wife Christian an annuity of £500 p.a. secured on his unnamed estate and enslaved people in St Mary's, with £1000 to his nephew Archibald Livingston (to be increased to £2000 if the St Mary's estate passed to William Livingston's nephew William Henry). Among further monetary legacies he left £2000 to Harriott Frye daughter of Francis Frye. He was lessee of Blubber Valley and Pearne's Point at the time he made his will. He left to his half brother Alexander Livingston of Antigua a plantation on Dominica of 208 acres that he (William) had lately bought at a Commissioners sale of land. He was also the owner with his partner James Furlong of a further estate in Dominica known as Livingston and Furlongs, which he left in trust to be sold, with the proceeds and for the benefit of his son Henry Livingston.


  1. PROB 11/1010/196

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1772 [EA] - 1772 [LA] → Lessee

Lessee of Blubber Valley when he made his will in 1772.

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