Blubber Valley

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1790 [SY] - 1823 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Under the will of Charles Spooner in 1790, Spooner's unnamed estate(s) on Antigua was left in entail to Peter [Theodore] Shaw, his nephew or conceivably great-nephew.

1823 [SY] - 1829 [LA] → Owner
- 1757 [EY] → Owner
1757 [SY] - 1761 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Willes was left a moiety of the estate for life by Robert Pearne in 1757, with his son John Willes as tenant-in-tail.

1757 [SY] - 1790 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Under the will of Robert Pearne of Isleworth proved 04/04/1757 Robert Pearne left half his plantation in Antigua to Sir John Willes and half to John Spooner and then Charles Spooner as tenants-for-life The estate was identified elsewhere as Blubber Valley.

1772 [EA] - 1772 [LA] → Lessee

Lessee of Blubber Valley when he made his will in 1772.

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£281 2S 6D
£292 10S 8D

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[Name] Blubber Valley  
[Size] 1200  

By his will of 1757, Robert Pearne of Isleworth demised to Chas. Spooner son of John Spooner of Bloomsbury a moiety of the Blubber Valley estate of 1200 acres on Antigua: he left the other moiety in trust to the Hon. Sir John Willes and his family.

Vere Langford Oliver, Caribbeana Vol I 'Spooner of St Christopher',Vol. III p. 17 'Pearne Family'
[Name] Blubber Valley  

Indenture made 01/10/1823 [Close Roll 4 Geo. IV, Part 16 No. 3] between Peter Spooner Shaw eldest son and Peter Theodore Shaw to barr and destroy the estate tail vested in Peter Spooner Shaw in the plantation called Blubber Valley and Pearne's Point, so that Peter Theodore Shaw was seised of the estate in fee simple.

Vere Langford Oliver 'History of Antigua' Vol II p.234
[Number of enslaved people] 25(Tot)  
[Name] Blubber Valley  

Charles and William Shand lessees of Blubber Valley plantation by D. Davey their agent.

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