Parnel Seaton

1731 - 1810


  1. Will of Parnel Seaton widow of Twickenham Middlesex proved 03/04/1810. In the will she made disposition of what appears to have been residential property in Basseterre by leaving it for life to a free woman of colour named Pierron [?] van der Pool for life and then to her former servant Bess, whom Parnel Seaton had manumitted, for life and then to Bess's mother Sally van der Pool. She freed the three sons of Bess, named as Aretas, John and Charles Bridgwater. She left the remainder of her property in trust, with monetary legacies to family members and the residue to her daughters Parnel Caines and Elizabeth Brown Reader and their children. This family had also been among the beneficiaries of the will of Ann Vanderpool spinster of St Christopher proved 17/09/1790, which identified Elizabeth Brown Morgan as her niece and Parnell Seaton as Elizabeth Brown Morgan's mother.


  1. PROB 11/1510/39; PROB 11/1196/109.

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In his will, Richard Hammond described Parnel Seaton as his wife's grandmother. In her will in turn she asked to be buried in the vault of her grandson-in-law Richard...
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William Reader married Elizabeth Brown Morgan, daughter of Parnel Seaton, and then in turn Parnel Seaton's grand-daughter Parnel, widow of Richard...
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Inferred by LBS. Ann Vanderpool described Elizabeth Brown Morgan as her niece and Parnel Seaton as Elizabeth Brown Morgan's mother in her will proved in 1790....

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Twickenham, Surrey, South-east England, England