George Pinnock II

1826 - 1901

Claimant or beneficiary


Grandson and heir of Hon. George Pinnock and son of Charlotte Pinnock (each of whom q.v.). A minor at the time of compensation, his trustees were awarded the slave compensation for the enslaved people on New Shafston.

  1. In 1848 George emigrated to Australia with his mother, sisters Charlotte and Grace and the latter's husband John Milbourne Augustus Marsh, where they joined Philip Pinnock Jnr [Philip Pinnock V], who had emigrated in 1843. Philip (d.1912) became Sheriff of Queensland, while his brother George (d.1901) practised as a solicitor in Sydney and later Bathurst. Charlotte Jnr (d.1873) married Henry Stuart Russell of Darling Downs (1818-89) in Sydney 1 March 1851. Charlotte Snr ultimately returned to England, where she died in 1870.


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£829 3s 11d

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Australia: New South Wales 
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Solicitor in Sydney. His brother Philip (d. 1912) was sheriff of Queensland. ...

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