Valentine O'Connor

1744 - 1814


Merchant of Dublin. He has an entry in the Dictionary of Irish Biography with his brother Malachy O'Connor. 'They dealt in wool, cotton, sugar, rum, wine, spirits etc.' The entry notes him as founder member of the Chamber of Commerce, subscriber of £2000 to the Bank of Ireland (1783-1784) and a director of the Royal Exchange Insurance Co., and the 'owner of two-thirds of a sugar estate, Mount William, and its slaves, buildings etc.' on St Vincent. It also records his involvement in the Catholic Committee (1781-1782) and Catholic Convention (1792). 'The O'Connors were a classic Irish catholic merchant family of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, owing their business success and social position as much to advantageous marriages that brought them catholic merchant and gentry connexions, in Ireland and abroad, as to prudent management.'


C. J. Woods, 'O'Connor, Valentine (1744-1814)', DIB Vol. 7 pp.284-285.

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Uncle → Nephew

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