William Smith of Barbados

1772 - 1801


Slave-owner of Barbados and Surinam.

  1. Will of William Smith of Barbados proved 20/09/1802. In the will he ordered the sale of his three plantations in Surinam (Klynhoop; Lafoistante [?]; and Apparape) and two grants of land in River Surinwerker [?] and in Barbados his house and stores in the street known as Bony [?] and his property at Cotton Coast late the property of Dr Foote [? Forte] and his property at Cotton Coast in the occupation of his mother in law Mrs Jane Wentworth. He left his daughter Jane Elizabeth Smith £4000, the interest to be paid to his father John Galt Smith of Belfast. His residuary heir by a codicil was his daughter Jane Elizabeth Smith.


  1. PROB 11/1381/72. John Galt Smith (d. 1801) was a West india merchant of Belfast.

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