Richard Latimer

???? - 1813


Owner of Peter's Rock and Mount Charles in St Andrew, Jamaica. Died in 1813. His main heir was his daughter Grace Mary Whittle (q.v.), wife of Francis Whittle (q.v.).

Further Information

Grace Mary (1789-1819)

PROB 11/1561/452 - precis.

Richard Latimer late of the island of Jamaica, at present of Manchester Street, Manchester Square, Middlesex, Esquire.

£25 sterling to each of the following people: John West, Ann West, William West, Henry West, Mary West, Simpson West, Sarah West and Edward West (the children of John West of Gower Street and my daughter in law Ann his wife); Ann West their mother; Sarah Simpson my daughter in law; Mary Ann Laing, Isabella Lang, John Laing and David Laing (the children of David and Mary Laing, both deceased); Margaret Latimer, Jane Latimer, Elizabeth Jobson Latimer, Catherine the wife of [blank[ Balvaird, and James Belvaird Latimer (the children of my late brother Christopher Latimer); John Marshall and Jane Marshall (the son and daugher of my sister Jane Marshall, widow).

To my grandson Latimer Whittle (son of Francis and Grace Mary Whittle) in case he shall attain the age of 21 years, £1,000.

To my grandson Latimer West (son of John and Ann West) £50.

To my executors John West of Gower Street, Robert Holden of Mincing Lane, John Mackie the younger of Jewry Street, John Fowles of Kingston Jamaica and Francis Robertson of Lincoln's Inn £50 each.

To my son-in-law Francis Whittle of Thistleborough near Belfast in Ireland £50.

To my daughter-in-law Sarah Simpson, my dwellinghouse in Kingston on the corner of Duke Street and Tower Street.

To my executors all my plantations, pens, land and slaves in Jamaica as well as all my personal estate upon trust, to convert my personal estate into mone and to sell all my real and leasehold estates (but my plantations and pens are not to be sold during the lifetime of my daughter Grace Mary Whittle without her consent). The proceeds of my real and personal estate to be invested in the parliamentary stocks or public funds of Great Britain.

From the proceeds of these funds, to my sister Jane Marshall £20 per annum for life.

To my mulatto servant Mary Lorain, now living with me, £10 per annum for life.

To my servant Eliza Lowbridge, now living with me, £5 per annum for life.

During the life of my daughter and only child Grace Mary Whittle, wife of Francis Whittle, the interest, dividends and annual produce of all the said trust monies for her own sole and separate use. After her death the same in trust for her children in such manner as my said daughter shall direct.

Should my daughter die without issue then: £1,000 to Latimer West at age 21 years (in default this £1,000 to the children of Ann West in equal shares); £250 each to Mary Ann Laing, Isabella Laing, John Laing and David Laing; £1,000 to my nephew James Bolvaird Latimer; £250 each to Jane Latimer, Elizabeth Jobson Latimer and Catherine Belvaird; £250 each to my sister Jane Marshall, Alice Dixon (wife of Robert Dixon of Carrickfergus, Ireland, one of the daughters of Jane Marshall), John Marshall (her son) and Jane Marshall (her daughter); £2,000 to be divided among the children of John West by Ann his wife at age 21 years in equal portions; all residue in the case of the death of my daughter Grace Mary Whittle without issue to Francis Whittle.

Francis Whittle to be an executor and trustee in case of the death of his said wife.

Signed 12/08/1813.

Proved in London 29/10/1814.

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Manchester Street, Manchester Square, London, Middlesex, London, England