James Dick merchant of Kingston

???? - 1824


  1. James Dick merchant of Jamaica whose will [made in 1821] was proved 13/03/1824. He divided his estate into 40 shares, and left eight each to his brothers Alexander, David and Archibald, three each to his sisters Janet, Elizabeth and Catherine, and to use two other shares to fund an annuity for his brother John, with the remaining five shares to fund an annuity of £100 p.a. to Mary Ann Clarke the mother of his reputed son James Dick with the surplus to go to the education of James Dick in Scotland until the age of 21. This was possibly the Naval Officer in Jamaica who appeared in front of the Commission of Inquiry in 1803.

  2. Possibly the father of James Dick, son of Mary Ann Clarke, a free mulatto, by James Dick, born 21/09/1803 and baptised 23/01/1807 in Kingston.


  1. PROB 11/1682/307; First Report of the Naval Commissioners: Naval Storekeepers at Jamaica (17th May 1803).

  2. Familysearch.org, Jamaican parish registers, Kingston Baptisms 1793-1825 p. 179.

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Inferred relationship - the will of James Dick proved in 1824 identified his brother as Archibald, David and...