Elizabeth Philadelphia Pearce Hall (née Cunyngham)

???? - 1815


Daughter of Daniel Cunyngham (q.v.) who had settled £5000 on Elizabeth Philadelphia Pearce (later Pearce Hall) and her husband Charles Pearce Hall ne Pearce in 1766, according to Daniel Cunyngham's will. She also inherited a life interest in £2000 secured on the 'Cayon estate of Anthony Cunyngham' under the will of her brother Robert Cunyngham made in 1761.

  1. E.P.P. Hall, together with her husband Charles Pearce Hall, disposed of their life interest [in the £2000 legacy] to a Mr John Swale, a merchant of London in 1787, who received interest thereon (they presume) until 1815, when E.P.P. Hall died.

  2. Administration of the will of Elizabeth Philadelphia Pearce or Philadelphia Hall widow of St James Bristol [made 12/11/1810] was granted 10/08/1816. The will rehearsed the 1766 settlement and traced the subsequent evolution of her claim[s] on the estates [and enslaved people] of her father and brother [Spring and Cunynghams], which LBS has not fully unravelled.

  3. One of the children of Elizabeth Philadelphia and Charles Pearce, also called Elizabeth Philadelphia Pearce, was baptised 04/08/1755 in St Bartholomew, London, and married Bedingfield Pogson (q.v.) 11/05/1780 in St Katherine Creechurch, London.


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Further Information

Maiden Name
Charles Pearce Hall ne Pearce
Elizabeth Philadelphia, Henrietta

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1761 [EA] - → Legatee

Elizabeth Philadlephia Pearce Hall nee Cunyngham received a legacy of life interest in £2000 secured on the estate of her brother Robert Cunyngham of 1761.

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St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England