George Smith MP

1765 - 1836


MP and banker, partner in Smith, Payne & Smith (q.v.) and also in the West India merchant firm of Edward and Rene Payne & Co. (q.v.).

  1. 'In 1789 Smith paid £10,000 for a share of one-fifth in the mercantile business, based at Lothbury, London, of Edward and Rene Payne, the sons of John Payne, co-founder with Smith’s father of the family’s London bank. On the withdrawal of his eldest brother Robert from the family banking concerns in 1792 George took his place as a partner in the Nottingham, London and Hull banks and, after the death of René Payne in 1799, was in joint control of the London branch with his younger brother John, while the senior partner, Samuel Smith, ran the Nottingham enterprise.'


  1. In fact Edward Payne of Edward and Rene Payne was the brother of John Payne, not his son, and uncle of Rene Payne.

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1789 [EA] - 1791 [LA] → Joint owner

Shown as the property of Messrs Smith, Payne and Smiths of Great Britain bankers between 1789 and 1791, presumably as mortgagees of Sir Charles Price the previous owner.

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

Edward and Rene Payne & Co.
West India merchant  
notes →
George Smith paid £10,000 for a 1/5th share in the business in 1789 according to the History of Parliament. He was still a partner c....

Political (1)

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Lostwithiel Cornwall
1791 - 1796
election →
Midhurst Sussex
1800 - 1806
election →
Wendover Buckinghamshire
1806 - 1830
election →
Midhurst Sussex
1830 - 1831

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Also partners in the family bank of Smith, Payne & Smith, and almost certainly in Edward and Rene Payne & Co. as...
Business partners
Father → Son
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