Patrick Gray

???? - 1806


Slave-owner in Jamaica, where he 'settled' the Friendship estate in Hanover, returning to Scotland before his death in 1806.

  1. Will of Patrick Gray of Hanover Jamaica [made in 1805] proved 24/04/1807. He left £250 at 21 to all and every daughter of: (1) his brother John Gray farmer of Glennies Perthshire; (2) John Reid in the Bridgend of Perth by his sister Janet Reid; (3) Alexander Low of Longfergan [=Longforgan]. He left an annuity of £25 p.a. to his sister Isabella Low, to be paid out of his estate except for his house in Montego Bay (which he left to his wife Sarah Gray for life and then to Mary Bucknor Clark). He left £1000 to Mary Bucknor Clark late Mary Bucknor Mowatt wife of William Clark, and £50 p.a. and £250 at 21 to Sarah Clark daughter of Mary Bucknor Clark. He instructed his executors to pay for the education and maintenance of Patrick Draper[?], an infant at Port Glasgow. He left annuities of £30 p.a. to Sarah Tomlinson daughter of Robert Tomlinson and of £150 p.a. to his nephews James Gray son of John Gray and William Low son of Alexander Low. His residuary heirs were his wife Sarah for life and then his nephews James Gray and William Low. In a codicil of 1805 when he described himself as of Edinburgh he left annuities of £30 p.a to his niece the daughter of his late sister Janet Reid until her legacy was paid, and to his sister Isabel [sic[ in place of the £25 p.a.; and he revoked the direct legacy of £1000 to Mary Bucknor Clark and placed it in trust with a life interest to her. In a further codicil of 1806 he manumitted an enslaved man named James Sinclair, permitted him to remain on the Friendship estate and left him an annuity of £10 p.a. currency, and left another annuity of £10 p.a. to Peggy,a free woman of colour formerly nurse to Mrs Gray.


  1. PROB 11/1459/207.

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- 1806 [EY] → Owner

Patrick Gray (d. 1806) 'settled' the Friendship estate, for which his widow Sarah was shown as owner from 1810 onwards.

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William Clark's wife Mary Bucknor Clark formerly Mary Bucknor Mowatt was a beneficiary under the will of Patrick Gray. The latter's will did not identify his relationship with Mary Bucknor Mowatt but...
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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Central Scotland, Scotland