Nicholas Garner of Nassau

???? - 1802


Merchant and slave-owner of Nassau.

  1. Will of Nicholas Garner of Nassau Bahama Islands proved 04/09/1802. LBS has not yet fully analysed this will but it contains detail of several enslaved and free people of colour in the Bahamas, and of his mortgages over enslaved people. He left £20,000 in trust to pay the interest to his daughter Ann, identified as the wife of William Hervey Hamilton, for life, then to her children, failing whom Ann had the right to will £12,000 with £4,000 to go to Amelia Garner, then at school in England under the particular care of Messrs Brickwoods and Daniell, the daughter of Mary Bridgewater then living in New Providence, and the remaining £4,000 to two 'coloured persons' Sarah and Nicholas, 'also called by my surname', the children of a free woman of colour named Eve Wallace. The will identified two of his nephews then in Barbados, Nicholas Russell Garner (q.v.) and Russell Garner Hendy. In 1835 arising from a suit in Chancery between Ann Hamilton widow and John Brickwoood the younger, an advertisement appeared in England for the children of Reynold Garner, Jonathan Garner and James Garner and Elizabeth Hendy, brothers and sisters [sic] of the late Nicholas Garner who died at Nassau 04/07/1802; this was repeated in 1846 in The Law Times.


  1. PROB 11/1380/93; London Gazette 19286 7 July 1835 p. 1313; The Law Times 27/06/1846 'Heirs at law, next of kin etc. wanted' p. 291.

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