John Hart

1774 - 1842


Free man of colour who came to Britain by 1815, the natural son of James Hart.

  1. Two children of James Hart by Mimba, a "negro belonging to Dr David Fyffe", were baptised in St Elizabeth in 1778: John (born 1774) and Margaret (1776).

  2. In 1815, Robert Raikes wrote a reference to support John Hart's application for the position of schoolmaster at Bisley Blue Coat School in Gloucestershire: 'Unfortunately he is a Mulatto, a native of the West Indies…'

  3. Thomas Smith of Norfolk Street bequeathed £500 for John Hart, the 'mulatto' son of 'my late friend' James Hart, then residing at Gloucester.

  4. Three children born to John Alexander Fustic Hart, a schoolmaster, and his wife Mary, all baptised at St Mary de Crypt, Gloucester: Thomas Alexander (1833), Benjamin John (1835) and Sarah Anne (1837). John Hart aged 65 born Jamaica schoolmaster was living with Mary Hart aged 28 and the three children at St Mary de Crypt Gloucester in the 1841 census.

  5. John Alexander F. Hart, age 68, of Tirley, was buried at Tirley 07/02/1842 aged 68.


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Further Information

Mary Anne
Thomas Alexander, Benjamin John, Sarah Anne

Relationships (7)

Natural Son → Father
Uncle → Nephew
Half-brother → Half-sister
Half-brother → Half-sister
Half-brother → Half-sister
Half-brother → Half-sister
Legatee → Testator

Addresses (2)

Tisley, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
Blackfriars, St Mary de Crypt, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England