Daniel Ross of Nevis

???? - 1788


Merchant of Nevis with slave-ownership there, in Dominica and in St Vincent or the Grenadines. To date none of his three estates have been further traced with confidence: the St Vincent island was presumably Baliceaux in the Grenadines.

  1. Will of Daniel Ross merchant of Nevis made in 1784, attested locally in 1788 and proved in London 22/01/1790. He said that he owned a plantation on Dominica called Bellvire or Bellevue; the island of Ballivreaux or Balliseseaux under the government of St Vincent; and of a plantation called Long Point on Nevis. He ordered them all to be sold. He prioritised legacies to his aunt Mrs Anne Browne and Jane Fullerton, and his cousin Mrs Black [although these legacies appear nowhere in the will online, implying a page is omitted]. He left £4000 in trust with the income to go to his sister Margaret Colquhoun [?], wife of Humphrey Colquhoun [?] of Port of Glasgow, with the capital then to her children; and a similar sum to his second sister Helena Carmichael, wife of James Carmichael physician in Port Glasgow. He left £4000 to his eldest brother Colin, physician in Hamburgh [sic]. He left £1000 each to his brothers David Ross of Virginia and Hercules Ross of London, noting their large fortunes as the reason for not leaving them more. He left £1000 to fund a schoolmaster at Charlestown or elsewhere on Nevis, and made his brothers and sisters his residuary legatees.


  1. PROB 11/1187/221

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Tentatively inferred by LBS. Daniel Ross of Nevis left £1000 to his brother Hercules Ross of London in his will made in...
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