William Kington

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  1. Not found in the slave registers but owner of 3 enslaved people in St Elizabeth in the 1818 almanac, 5 enslaved people at Nightingale Grove, St Elizabeth in the 1825 almanac and 10 at the same place in the 1826 almanac.

  2. Listed as a juror in St Elizabeth in 1817 and late of St Elizabeth, planter (and late of the firms William Kington & Co and Kington & Weaver) when a prisoner for debt in Montego Bay Gaol, October 1826.

  3. William Kington (esq in 1813), had the following children with Elizabeth Hart, "free mulatto", baptised in St Elizabeth: Mary Kington (born 29/09/1813, baptised 26/12/1813); Ann Hart Kington (born 30/09/1815, baptised 14/01/1816 and possibly the Ann Hart Kington who died at Kingston, 10/06/1886, age stated as “60”, described as gentlewoman); William Kington (a free infant of colour, born 10/03/1818, baptised 01/11/1818, no parents' names given in baptism record); John Kington ("quadroon" baptised 10/10/1819 and probably the John Kington, carpenter, Black River, buried in the new burying ground there, 28/11/1846, aged 26); Amelia Hook Kington ("free quadroon", baptised 08/09/1822, aged about 8 months, no parents' names given in baptism record); Sarah White Kington ("free quadroon" born 11/09/1824, baptised 23/02/1825, no parents' names given in baptism record).

  4. By Margaret Foster (unmarried), he had a “mulatto” son, William Kington, born 01/08/1812 but not baptised until 20/02/1831 at St Elizabeth, when the addresses of father and mother were given as Lucea and Middle Quarters respectively.


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