Phillis Frampton formerly Wollaston (née Byam)

???? - 1829


Sister and heir of Samuel Byam d. 1761 (q.v.), from whom she inherited unnamed estates (and enslaved people) on Antigua which she and her family moved to sell in 1768-9. Two of her children married into the English aristocracy: her daughter Phillis Byam Wollaston married Evelyn Shirley, grandson of the 1st Earl of Ferrers, and her son James Frampton married Lady Harriett Strangeways, 3rd daughter of the 2nd Earl of Ilchester.

  1. In 1768, Phillis Wollaston, then Phillis Frampton, and her second husband James Frampton of Moreton, Dorset on behalf of Phillis Byam Wollaston and Charlton Wollaston, her children; William Fauquier (the step-father of Phillis Frampton and of Samuel Byam d. 1761) and his children; and Stephen Blizard and Thomas Warner, petitioned to bring in a bill to sell the 'Byam estates.' An act of 23/10/1769 vested the estates of the deceased Samuel Byam in trustees to be sold to pay his debts and the surplus be laid out in Great Britain to the uses of his will.


  1. Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol I pp 107-108.

Further Information

Maiden Name
(1) Charlton Wollaston (2) James Frampton
With (1) Charlton Byam; Phillis Byam; with (2) James; Mary

Relationships (1)

Sister → Brother

Addresses (1)

Moreton, Dorset, Wessex, England