Richard Bull

1725 - 1805


MP for Newport 1756-1780, son of a Turkey merchant. Richard Bull of Upper Brook Street was the purchaser in 1774 of an annuity of £100 p.a. for the lives of his daughters Elizabeth and Catherine Susanna secured on the property, including enslaved people, of John Abel Ward on Nevis (q.v.). By 1837 the annuities appear to have ceased without arrears (Catherine Susanna reportedly died in 1795 and Elizabeth died in 1809). Bull was also the legatee under the will of Humphrey Morice of the interest and arrears of an annuity on their joint lives secured on William Gray's Jamaica property, again including enslaved people.

  1. No will has been found in the PCC online archive for Richard Bull. The will of Elizabeth Bull of Northcourt Shorwell was proved 13/04/1809; she left her estate on the Isle of Wight to her 'brother-in-law' [in fact step-brother ] Richard Alexander Henry Bennett and ordered the sale of her Stratton Street House.

Sources; London Gazette 19129 18 February 1834 p. 296; London Gazette 22415 21 August 1860 p. 3106. The death-date of Catherine Susanna Bull is drawn from e.g. Peter Sabor, Stewart Cooke (eds.) The Court Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney Vol.II p. 58; Common Records 1775-1776, British Library, EAP794/1/1/15, p. 1.

  1. PROB 11/1495/222.

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1785 [SY] - 1805 [EY] → Annuitant

Inherited from Humphrey Morice the interest and arrears of there annuity on their joint lives secured on the Jamaica property of William Gray.

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Prints, Drawings and Paintings
Collection of Drawings in the BM . 'Collector and amateur draughtsman; son of Sir Richard Bull and his wife Elizabeth; married Mary Alexander, two daughters, Catherine Susanna (d.1795) and Elizabeth... 
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Newport Cornwall
1756 - 1780

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Ongar, Essex, South-east England, England
North Cote, Shorwell, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Wessex, England