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A group of annuitants on Richmond estate in Jamaica (including Charles Lander now or late of Bishopsgate Street master mariner) were listed as parties to an original agreement with William Gray in an indenture with Emanuel Baruch Lousada and Jacob Israel Bernal 13/10/1784 for the payment of their annuities to which the two estates [Old and New Works] were subject on their purchase by Lousada and Bernal. Charles Lander has not been further identified: any one of the wills of three men named Charles Lander proved between 1791 and 1808 could plausibly be the same man.


Caribbeana Vol. III pp, 156-7; wills of Charles Lander of St Mary's Islington proved 10/11/1791 PROB 11/1211/61; will of Charles Lander mariner of Poole proved 25/02/1801 PROB 11/1354/159; will of Charles Lander Purser in HM's Navy proved 14/10/1808 PROB 11/1486/202.

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