John Ogilvie

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London Army Agent, in partnership with Alexander Ross (formerly Gray): the two men were bankrupt c. 1804.

  1. John Ogilvie was party to succession of deeds concerning unnamed estates on St Vincent. The first, indentures of 01/02/1802 and 02/10/1802, conveyed into trust for John Ogilvie for life two estates in Queen's Valley St Vincent, and showed John Ogilvie as having paid £5110 for the estates in 1785, when the estate was auctioned at the behest of George Ross, the assignee of a mortgage on the property; he paid only £5110, leaving George Ross (who died in the same year, with John Ogilvie as one of his executors) with an unpaid claim of £6890 on the estate of the bankrupt London merchant John Fraser, the owner of the estate. A second deed, of 1809, showed John Ogilvie's life-interest in slave-property on two estates in Queen's Valley St Andrew on St Vincent under the bankruptcy of John Fraser. Many of the parties to this deed and many of the names of enslaved people are re-appear in deeds of 1810 to which John Ogilvie and Alexander Ross were parties with Robert Sutherland of St Vincent, who mortgaged 101 named enslaved people to secure two amounts, of £2300 and £2400. The deed sets out the background and shows the men as among the executors of George Ross of Cromarty, and having agreed to sell the Retreat plantation and 80 enslaved people to Robert Dickinson for £7000; Dickinson then agreed to sell it on to Robert Sutherland and Sutherland assumed responsibility for the unpaid amounts. The other parties included John Pearce and Henry Davidson, the assignees of the bankrupt partnership of Ross & Ogilvie.


London Gazette 15684 17 March 1804 p. 337.

  1. Deed Book 1804, British Library, EAP688/1/1/18, pp. 496-514; Deed Book 1810, British Library, EAP688/1/1/21, pp. 310-325; Deed Book 1809, British Library, EAP688/1/1/20, pp. 342-360. London Gazette 12508 6 January 1784 p.8, which shows John Fraser as of New Court Swithins Lane trading as John Fraser & Co.

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LBS has not yet unravelled the connections of John Ogilvie to the Retreat estate (which was either subsumed into Orange Hill or from which the enslaved people were transferred to Orange Hill); he was (1) one of the trustees of George Ross of Cromarty; (2) partner of Alexander Ross (ne Gray) the main heir of his uncle George Ross of Cromarty; and (3) tenant-for-life under a settlement with the Commissioners for a bankrupt London merchant named John Fraser of at least some of the property involved in three elaborate deeds of 1804, 1809 and 1810.

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Ross & Ogilvie
Army Agent  

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Argyle Street, London, Middlesex, London, England
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His firm was of Argyle Street when it failed in 1804.