John Mills of Great St Helen's, City of London

???? - 1769


  1. Will of John Mills merchant of Great St Helen['s] proved 06/10/1769. After annuities of £10-25 p.a to aunts, servants and clerks he left £12,000 in trust with the income to go to his sister Mary Towgood for life and then to her children, £12,000 for his nephew Thomas Mills and £5000 for his niece Sarah Mills. His residuary heir was his nephew Thomas, whom he desired to be brought in to his business, along with another nephew John Towgood. His trustees were his brother William Mills, Sherland Swanston and Matthew Towgood.


  1. PROB 11/952/22

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Mills & Swanston
West India merchant  

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Business partners
Uncle → Nephew
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Towgood was also a trustee and executor of the will of John Mills of Great St...

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Great St Helens, City of London, Middlesex, London, England