Samuel Okes or Oakes Taylor

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Slave-owner on St Kitts, shown in 1753 on Samuel Baker's map as owning two estates in St John Capisterre. He is known to have married Elizabeth Milliken, mother of John Taylor Milliken (q.v.) and widow of James Milliken, sometime between 1755 and 1770. He was Speaker of the House of Assembly in 1771. The Samuel Oakes Taylor who was shown as curate in St John Capisterre would have been aged 70 or more if the same man.


Laws of the Island of St. Christopher; from ... 1711 to ... 1791 pp. 128-9 and p. 131; Caribbeana Vol. II p. 38.

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Elizabeth Milliken

Associated Estates (2)

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1795 [EA] - 1795 [LA] → Previous owner

Shown in the will of Ralph Willett proved 1795 as the previous owner of Bevon Island, and appearing on the 1753 Samuel Baker map against it.

1753 [EA] - 1753 [LA] → Owner

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Step-father → Step-son