Thomas Neale of St Vincent and Nevis

???? - 1773


Slave-owner on St Vincent, of Nevis when he made his will 19/06/1773. He was a member of a family with substantial alleged indebtedness to Walter Pringle's heir Sir Thomas Pringle (q.v.). His brother William Neale and late brother Charles Neale were both given as of St Kitts in his will [two pages of which are missing in the EAP 794 images online], under which he left his wife Henrietta an annuity of £300 p.a. currency rising after 4 years to £450 p.a. currency secured on his [unnamed] estate on St Vincent, and the 'use and service' of 12 named 'negroes': Moll and her son Tom; a woman named Porene [Perene?]; a woman named Ritta and her four children Alice, Dinah, Sukey and John Brown; a woman named Melliseinda and her daughter Betty and her two sons John and Osborn. He appears to have left £5000 secured on his estates to his brother William Neale with contingent remainder to his nephew John Herbert, and he ordered that £8000 be raised on his St Vincent estate to erect a stone or wood windmill and boiling house and to buy 'negroes.'


Wills 1763-1787, British Library, EAP794/1/5/1, pp. 333 and 336-338. The will was attested 16/09/1773, when Thomas Neale was shown as deceased.

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