Nicholas Gallwey

???? - 1737


Slave-owner on St Kitts, born on Montserrat according to his will, and dying in London c. 1737.

  1. Will of Nicholas Gallwey planter of [the island of St Kitts now residing at] London [made in 1736] proved in London 09/02/1737. He left his wife Anne £1000 in lieu of dower, and his estates to his eldest son David with remainder to a younger son Tobias Wall Gallwey (q.v.) [who appears in fact have inherited]. He authorised his executors to buy land near his Mountain or Pond estates on St Kitts and mentioned a further estate he leased in partnership with John Blake from Mr Teady [?] Fay.


  1. PROB 11/681/269.

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- 1737 [EY] → Owner

Owner of Pond, according to his will made in 1736 and proved in 1737.

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Father → Son