Gertrude Johnson Rawlins

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Daughter of Stedman Rawlins (q.v.) and his wife Gertrude nee Tyson. Stedman Rawlins registered 2 enslaved people as guardian of Gertrude Johnson Rawlins. In the same entry, Gertrude Rawlins registered 6 enslaved people for her sister Sarah Tyson. At some point before 1831, Sarah Tyson transferred one of her enslaved people, a two year old child named Margaret Jane, to Gertrude Johnson Rawlins by deed of gift. In 1831, Gertrude Johnson Rawlins owned six enslaved people in total, having also recently gifted one to her mother Gertrude senior and received one from her mother in return.


Slave register for St Kitts 1817, T71/253 p. 298; slave register for St Kitts 1831, T71/259 p. 266.

We are grateful to Tim Lacy-Hulbert for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Associated Claims (5)

£441 1s 3d
£20 9s 9d
£42 16s 4d
£65 2s 11d
£20 9s 9d

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Daughter → Father
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