Thomas Brown Wylly

1788 - 29th Jan 1848

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son of William Wylly (q.v.) of Bahamas and St.Vincent (1757-1828) . Admitted Trinity College, Oxford, 20/10/1806, aged 18; Middle Temple, 1811.

  2. Appointed Puisne Judge, Trinidad, 1846.

  3. Died, Port of Spain, 29/01/1848. A newspaper notice gives his death age 65 though his Oxford admission would give an age of 60 at death.

  4. Father of: Thomas B Wylly (died, Demerera, 2/8/1857); Susan Catherine Wylly (married William Cree, merchant, at Trinidad, 1846) and Matilda F. M. Wylly (died, Vancouver, 1904, aged 82).

  5. He was Solicitor-General of the Bahamas, domiciled at New Providence, in 1826. Owner then of 16 enslaved people, "13 domestics; three have the care of a small county residence; but Mr. Wylly neither owns nor manages any plantation." Also attorney of his father William Wylly as owner of one enslaved blacksmith and one enslaved shipwright.


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Legal Education
Middle Temple [1811 ]

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£344 9s 7d

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