Henry Lumsden ne Leith

???? - 1844

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Henry Lumsden of Tilwhilly, Alexander Jopp and Alexander Stronach were trustees of the creditors of John Morison (q.v.) of Auchintoul deceased.  

  2. Henry Lumsden was also the eventual heir of Harry Lumsden of Jamaica (q.v.), who purchased Clova from his bankrupt father in 1782. Born Harry Leith, took the name Lumsden on inheriting Clova and Auchindoir. Son of Harry Lumsden of Belhelvie Lodge, Aberdeenshire, and Catherine, daughter of Hugh McVeagh of Huntly. Married Catharine Tower, daughter of John Tower of St Croix.

  3. Announcement by trustees of Harry [sic] Leith Lumsden of Auchindoir (including Mrs Jannet Young or Leith Lumsden, relict; and Alexander Jopp) that they had ceased to be interested in a number of companies, many in the autumn of 1844, when presumably Lumsden died.


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  2. Henry William Lumsden, Memorials of the families of Lumsdaine, Lumisden, or Lumsden (1889) pp. 102-103; Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, Family record of the name of Dingwall Fordyce in Aberdeenshire: including relatives of both names separately and connections (1888) vol. 2 pp. 37-38. See separate entry for Harry Lumsden of Jamaica for more on the workings of the entail.

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Jannett Young

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£2,921 6s 0d
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Henry Leith was the eventual heir of Harry...

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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland
Clova House, Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland
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Inherited Clova, not clear if he lived there

Tilwhilly, Banchory Ternan, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland