John Babington Nolan

1786 - 1850

Claimant or beneficiary


Capt. John Babington Nolan, awarded the compensation for the Adelphi estate in Tobago, almost certainly by virtue of his marriage to Elizabeth Ruddach (née Hartley), whose second husband had been a Tobago planter.

  1. Capt. John Babington Nolan c. 1786-1850 of the 70th Foot, born Ireland, son of Babington Nolan who died 1796 in Saint Domingue. Married for the second time 12/07/1813 Elizabeth (Eliza) Harleston Hartley, whose previous husbands were Andrew Macfarlane of Blanairn, a Perthshire land-owner, and Charles Ruddach, a Tobago slave-owner.  In 1816-1821 the family was in Upper Canada, before returning to Edinburgh and then moving to Italy. In 1832 John Babington Nolan became British Consular Agent and Vice-Consul in Milan. 

  2. There is an ODNB entry for Lewis or Louis Edward Nolan, John Babington Nolan's son with Elizabeth Hartley, who carried the crucial orders between Raglan and Lucan and died at the Charge of the Light Brigade.


T71/891 Tobago No. 47. There is a reference in the register of claims to a Chancery suit of Ruddach and others versus Nolan and others.

  1. Dr M.M. Gilchrist, 'Louis Edward Nolan (1818-54) (revised and updated from articles in Dispatch: the Journal of the Scottish Military Historical Society Spring 1998 pp. 12-15', [accessed 17/08/2011]. 

  2. ODNB online John Sweetman, 'Nolan, Lewis Edward [Louis, Ludwig] (1818-1854), army officer and writer on cavalry'. This entry gives his mother's maiden name as Elizabeth Harland Hartley, other sources show Harleston.

  3. It is not yet clear whether the Memorial inscription in Sleaty graveyard, Carlow relates to John Babington Nolan: "Beneath this memurium lies the mortal remains of John Nolan of Kilbaleyhue county Carlow Esq. a man possessed of many virtues Religious without Bigitory, Charitable without ostentation, humble in the midst of affluence, in him religion lost one of its best supporters the widow, a kind protector and the orphan another father. He closed a life full of good works on 7th September 1855 in the 87th of his age at his seat in Killballyhue. This tribute is paid to His memory by a friend who knew him well. Mrs Mary Nolan relict of the above named John Nolan Esq Departed this life the 18th April 1840. Also His son John Nolan J.P. Kilballyhue the 23rd Aug - 1862. Aged 63 years," Email from Matt Kennedy, 12/10/2013; also available at [accessed 15/10/2013].

Further Information

(1) ? (2) Elizabeth Harleston (or Harland) Hartley
With (2) Archibald Buchanan (1815-), Louis [Lewis] Edward (1818-1854), Edmond de Courcy (1820-)

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£1,361 16s 6d

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1813 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Other

Beneficiary of the compensation by virtue of his marriage to the widow of Charles Ruddach. The Register of Claims also refers to a Chancery suit of Ruddach versus Nolan.

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Third Husband → Wife
Beneficiary of Trust → Trustee

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Milan, Italy