Alexander Rattray

7th Mar 1801 - 18th Nov 1842

Claimant or beneficiary


Alexander Rattray, son of Charlotte Morris, "fr[ee] m[ulatto", born 07/03/1801 and baptised in St Catherine, Jamaica, 14/03/1801. Charlotte Morris, "q[uadroon]", baptised in St Catherine 16/05/1770. Charlotte Morris had two daughters and two sons by Netlam Tory, born between 1808 and 1812.

Resident, awarded the compensation for 9 separate claims in Jamaica. Probably a partner with Netlam Tory (q.v.) and the husband of Lucy Rattray (q.v.). He died at sea on his passage to Jamaica 18/11/1842. A newspaper report of the death of his only daughter Charlotte Laetitia, age 23, at Claughton, Cheshire, in 1857 describes him as 'the late Alexander Rattray of Kingston Jamaica'. Charlotte Letitia, daughter of Alexander and Lucy Rattray, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1834. Lucy Rattray was widowed and living in Britain in 1851. Alexander's occupation was given as "Store Keeper" at the marriage of his son Netlam in Preston, Lancashire, in 1863.

Sources, Jamaica, Church of England Parish Register Transcripts [online database with images].

See separate entries for Netlam Tory and Lucy Rattray.

Liverpool Mercury 09/12/1842; Liverpool Mail 25/11/1857; batch no. I03863-0.

Lancashire Online Parish Clerk, [accessed 23/02/2021].

We are grateful to Jim Brennan for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Charlotte Letitia (1834-1857)

Associated Claims (9)

£559 8s 0d
£30 19s 1d
£19 10s 10d
£123 12s 6d
£19 10s 10d
£119 15s 5d
£57 12s 4d
£93 5s 11d
£143 27s 9d

Associated Estates (3)

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1834 [EA] - → Joint owner
1839 [EA] - → Not known
1839 [EA] - → Not known

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