Lady Jane Montgomerie

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Daughter of Lord Ardrossan 12th Earl of Eglington and Eleonora Hamilton, and sister of Lady Lilias Oswald (q.v.) and wife of Archibald Hamilton; together with her brother-in-law John Hamilton (q.v) and Lady Lilias Oswald and the latter's husband Richard Alex. Oswald (q.v.), Lady Jane Montgomerie was awarded the compensation for the Pemberton Valley estate and Boscabelle Pen, both in St Mary.    

  1. Lady Jane Montgomerie married Archibald Hamilton (1778-1848), her cousin and son of John Hamilton of Sundrum (1739-1821) in 1828.


T71/856 St Mary Nos. 257 (Pemberton Valley) and 259 (Boscabelle Pen). It is not clear why John Hamilton rather than Archibald Hamilton is one of the claimants.

  1. The Earl of Eglington granted Lady Jane Montgomerie and Archibald Hamilton a life-rent interest in the mansion house of Rozelle. Hamilton rebuilt the house in the 1830s and purchased the estate of Rozelle in 1837 [accessed 25/11/2011].

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Archibald Hamilton (1778-1848)

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£4,580 8s 3d
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£865 10s 3d

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Lady Jane Montgomerie married John Hamilton's brother...
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