John McKellar

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Eldest son and heir-at-law of John McKellar (who died July 1825), awarded part of the compensation for the Montero estate on Antigua. Described as of [2] Judd Place East, New Road, Middlesex, 'oldest son of John McKellar, as sole trustee under a deed 29th January 1807 between Claimant and his late wife Mary Clark - the compensation for 25 slaves.'

  1. The will of John McKellar the father, merchant of Judd Place East St Pancras was proved 14/11/1825. In the will John McKellar refers to property in Antigua ( including 'negroes') as well as in London.

  2. What appears to be the surviving family - mother Ann widow born Aberdeen Scotland aged 77, and three daughters all born Antigua aged 43-45 - were living in Islington in 1851.


T71/1379 Antigua claim nos. 11 and 11B. Special Award in Trust; T71/1593 p.10-11: letter, dated 08/12/1835, to Mrs McKellar of Judd Place East, New Road, stating that the late counterclaim was allowed.

  1. PROB 11/1705/249.

  2. 1851 census online.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
J. M'Kellar

Associated Claims (2)

£926 1s 11d
Other association
£1,209 12s 8d

Addresses (1)

2 Judd Place, New Road, London, Middlesex, London, England