Petrus de Josselin de Jong

1789 - 1867

Claimant or beneficiary


Petrus de Josselin de Jong, also known as Pieter de Jong. One of a group of Dutch awardees for slave compensation on Plantation Blyendaal in Berbice through his marriage to Maria Beatha Jannette-Walen (1798-1883), the third daughter of Daniel Jan­nette-Walen (died 1800) and his wife Ephraima Bartha Johanna de la Sa­blo­niere (died 1812, daughter of Stephen Hendrik de la Sabloniere).


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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Pieter de Jong
Maria Beatha Jannette-Walen

Associated Claims (2)

£6,043 1s 1d
£9,194 16s 2d

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Husband → Wife
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Other relatives
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